Ritz Carlton Residences
at Miami Beach

Complementing the broad variety of luxury living condos and hotels that this important brand represents; The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach offers 111 waterfront condos and 15 villas and several amenities for its residents. 

This development has been ranked as #1 residential in Miami Beach, among other prizes that exalt its architecture and urban design. Componenti provided 20,000 SF of horizontal Louvers, around 25,000 SQFT of Balcony Dividers, more than 7,500 SF of trellises, about 18,750 SF of Vertical Fin Cladding, 5,000 SF of Garage Screen and more than 16,500 SF of Luviline. 

The horizontal louvers overlooking the waterway, the lake and the beautiful exteriors of the residences, offer privacy and shade. The balcony dividers, located throughout the property, thoughtfully separate the spaces in between the condos; these items offer privacy and decorate the open space. The trellises provide shade and refinement to the exterior areas and terraces of the largest condos of this property. 

The vertical fin cladding are the prime architectural components of the facade, adding volume and magnitude to the facade. The garage screen adds an exquisite focus on the parking building, serving as a barrier as well. Last but not least, the luviline screenwalls nicely hide the mechanical equipments, thus contributing to the final look of this well-renowned development.

Componenti is proud of being part of this one of its kind project that encompasses the luxury and relax that is around the Miami beach area.

  • GC: Plaza Construction
  • AREA: 7,148 SQFT
  • YEAR: 2019

Miami, Florida