The Metropolitan Police of Colombia will be inaugurating its headquarters in Bogota.

Componenti is proud be a part of this monumental project, providing 75,000 square feet of a custom ceramic brick facade, making it the major architectural element of the MEBOG headquarters.

The system is composed of suspended ceramic bricks that are woven by stainless steel cables. The bricks are installed at an angled position, forming zig-zag figures. Stainless steel cables are running vertically trough the metal platforms that are installed along the slabs of the building. These platforms were also designed to allow any future maintenance work to be done for the facade and glazing.

We are excited to bring this facade to fruition.

  • ARCHITECT: Camilo Avellaneda
  • AREA: 75,000 SQFT
  • YEAR: 2021

Bogotá, Colombia