Aventura Hilton Hotel

We are thrilled to share the newest Hilton Hotel in Aventura, Florida… Displaying an Componenti perforated aluminum screen system.

Prime Group contracted Componenti to fabricate a system for the parking garage. Since the garage required natural ventilation, the perforation pattern was modified to meet a 49% open area, avoiding the need to add mechanical ventilation.

The architects  intent was to avoid for the pattern to look repetitive. In order to achieve a cost effective solution, we offered to make the 6 different panels staggered along the facade , producing a “random” pattern.

This was a cost effective solution for the owner, as the manufacturing and installation process was straightforward.

  • GC: Prime Group
  • ARCHITECT: Developer and Prime Design
  • AREA: 27,029 SQFT
  • YEAR: 2019

Aventura, Florida